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Staying with Us

Staying with Us

We invite you to come to the Briarcliffe for a truly peaceful and relaxing holiday, and the personal
attention that a B&B offers.

No matter what season you visit us in, your day will start with a friendly “Good morning”, a hot mug of 
coffee or pot of tea, a delicious and satisfying breakfast and the camaraderie of other guests. The dining 
room has 3 tables so that there is both a degree of privacy and ease of conversation with the hosts and 
other guests. 

From the bay windows in the dining room you can watch the birds frolic in the fountain, the pigs 
scamper in the woods, and the wild rabbits munch on the grass. Or if you are visiting us in the winter, 
you will see the blue jays, evening grosbeaks and maybe even a cardinal at our feeders, and still a rabbit 
or two hopping through the snow.

Your hosts, Carrie & Malcolm, will be pleased to offer any assistance with your day plans. There are 
always a wide range of festivals and activities on Prince Edward Island throughout the year: 

Clamming, kayaking, lobster suppers and Celtic ceilidhs in the summer

Snow shoeing, ice fishing, skiing and sleigh rides in the winter

The East Coast Music Festival, the Cavendish Beach Festival, the Fall Flavours Festival...

So then it’s time to start your day’s adventure. 

For some this might mean staying at the inn for a while and reading your book on the deck in the 
sunshine with another mug of coffee.

Lots of our guests like to enjoy a morning walk to Salutation Cove to look for seaglass and interesting 
shells. When the tide is at its lowest you can walk all the way to Graham Head to the west. Or walk east 
along the beach to the marsh and you might see the oyster fisherman with their traditional tong and 
shuck rake. In the winter, the cove is a majestic place to walk with the snow and ice forming a variety of 
intriguing sculptures and you’ll still see fisherman cutting through the ice for both oysters and smelt.

The cove is a great location for bird watching. You are bound to see herons, egrets, terns, plovers, 
sanderlings, kingfishers and even a hawk or eagle.

In the summer, 10 am is usually the time when we feed & water the pigs, and we welcome you to join 
in. The pigs love it when they get some extra attention. At the moment, we don’t have pigs over the 
winter. They remain at the MacFarlane Farm down the road but you can see them in their giant house of 
hay by the road.

If you bring your bicycles, it is just 3 kilometres to the Seacow Head Lighthouse or for the more 
enthusiastic, approximately 8 kilometres to Chelton Beach Provincial Park. We have picnic back packs 
that you can borrow, so you can take your lunch, a beach blanket and enjoy the sand and surf for the 
day without having to get in your car.

Some guests return to the inn for a rest in the late afternoon. You will find that your room has been 
refreshed and cleaned – just like it was when you arrived. In the summer, there is always ice tea, cold 
water, and popsicles available in the kitchen for your enjoyment. Or if you need a bit of a pick me up, 
coffee and tea in the lounge. In the winter, you might prefer a mug of steaming hot chocolate or mulled 

Often guests return to the inn after their dinner to watch the sunset on the deck. Maritime sunsets are 
never a disappointment.

And then come the stars...With no light pollution the stars at the inn are amazing

We often have campfires complete with toasted marshmallows and s’mores, even in the winter!

And at the end of your day, you will enjoy the perfect night’s sleep in your cozy bed with no traffic 
noise or glaring street lights, just the occasional fog horn in the channel, the breeze through the trees, 
or an owl hooting in the woods.

So come and enjoy all that the Briarcliffe has to offer.
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